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Akashic Records Consultations

The Akashic Records can be thought of as a library which is an archive of all being, constantly growing and expanding. They contain the records of a soul from its beginning to the present, every thought, emotion and action from our life experience. Information from the Records can be accessed by an Akashic Records Consultant by using a Sacred Prayer addressed to the Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones, which carries Divine protection. You will be asked to provide a question or questions for which you desire clarity, understanding, suggestions or information.

A Consultation can help you to:

  • Take positive actions
  • Have positive responses to everyday situations
  • Build healthy relationships
  • Gain clarity and understanding of life issues
  • Solve challenges successfully
  • Develop a deep connection with the Divine in all things
  • Understand how past experiences may be influencing the present

Akashic Records can be opened by a Consultant only with your consent. All information brought forth and discussed in the session is held strictly confidential.